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Car Shipping from a Mini to a Maserati

Over 20 plus years Euro Pacific has developed expertise in motor vehicle shipping services, transporting and shipping motor vehicles, cars and trucks to Australia, UK and the world.

Having to work within the constraints of the containerization of shipping and the infrequency of roll on roll off shipping we have been able to develop skills unique to this industry. For instance in 2002 we were approached by Rutgers University of New Jersey to ship a Uni-Mog Mercedes truck to Central Africa, with 3” to spare either side. Our special vehicle team did it. The truck is now transporting archeological students around the tough terrain and wildlife reserves of Africa.

Each country has unique requirements for vehicle importing. It is important you check these with our team prior to shipping your vehicle.

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Motor Bike Shipping

From a Honda to a Harley. We adopt the same careful clinical approach to the transporting of motor bikes as we do motor cars. Every week we are handling high value bikes, both modern and collectible.

Of necessity each bike has to be shipped in a specially made crate, often steel framed. If it’s a Harley or a Honda, we know how to give it the same loving care as you do.

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